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¿Existe manera de expandir las funcionalidades de Chromecast a otros programas de streaming?

Tengo un Chromecaste que funciona perfectamente para hacer streaming de Youtube y Netflix, y muestra correctamente cualquier web desde Chrome. Me interesa saber si se puede ampliar a streaming de sitios como Vimeo u otros.

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Chrome Tab-Casting

The most versatile feature of the Chromecast is streaming from the Chrome browser. Users can view webpages containing text, but browser casting truly shines as a workaround for those users looking to enjoy video and audio content that is not officially supported by a Chromecast-friendly app.

This includes Hulu users who are not paying members of the Plus program – simply open a tab in Chrome, browse to and click the “cast” button in the top right-hand corner of your browser. Chrome tab-casting is also great for fans of streaming music apps like Songza and Spotify, which do not offer app-based Chromecast support.

Tab-casting is currently only supported by desktop versions of Chrome.

Google also offers Chromecast connectivity for its “Play Music” and “Play Movies & TV” apps, the former capable of playing purchased tunes as well as Google's premium “All Access” streaming service. iPhone users do not have a “Play Movies & TV” app; however, their content can be viewed in the “Purchases” section of their YouTube app.

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